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Fixing Cura under Fedora

If you try to run Cura under the latest Fedora, you might experience that the application just doesn't start - at least that was the case for me.

Running strace and digging through the log made clear that Cura was looking for several files under ~/.local/share/cura/v3.0 (or v2.7, depending on which version you have installed), while these were installed under /usr/share/cura.

The fix is to symlink/copy these files to your home directory:

rm -rf themes
ln -sv /usr/share/cura/resources/{themes,qml,definitions,resources,images}
cp -rv /usr/share/uranium/resources/shaders/* shaders/
cp -rv /usr/share/cura/resources/shaders/* shaders/

Also, don't forget to add yourself to the dialout group if you want to use your printer via USB:

	sudo gpasswd -a <yourname> dialout