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Dev log: Creating a browser part 2

Not much progress in the browser project. One of the things that keep me from working on it is of course that it seems like a monumental task. Therefore I started a Tasklist, with the intention of breaking the things to do into smaller items. Ideally, a single task should not be more than 30 minutes; that would allow me to complete 2 or 3 tasks per week.

For now I have only added the tasks for Milestone 1, and at the moment I am still in the process of implementing the X11 window with the attached OpenGL context. However, I will use this document as a planning point in the future and fletch it out more.

For example, “Init OpenGL context with X window” is a task which is way to vague for a time estimation. That could take 1 hour or one month.

I am currently reusing an old OpenGL crate I made which has OpenGL bindings and some commands for shader management. However, this crate has all kinds of dependencies, which I want to remove first.

Breaking tasks

So I added a sub-task called “Remove dependencies of OpenGL crate”. However, while this sounds like something I could do in a day, it is still to vague. So I broke it down more and you can see the result in the Tasklist.

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